Thailand Dinner

Bailliage Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok, July 21, 2022

Swiss magic at IGNIV Bangkok
" the Bailliage's exclusive preview of the summer menu at IGNIV Bangkok attracted a full house "

Heavy evening rain during the monsoon season in Bangkok usually puts off many venturing out at night. However, the Bailliage’s exclusive preview of the summer menu at IGNIV Bangkok attracted a full house. Thirty enthusiastic members and friends made it to The St Regis Hotel where the exclusive Swiss restaurant is located.

It was founded by the renowned Swiss Chef Andreas Caminada, who is Head Chef at the internationally acclaimed Michelin 3-star restaurant Schloss Schauenstein in Switzerland. The innovative Swiss fine dining restaurant IGNIV Bangkok was awarded a Michelin-star in 2022.


Taco of water chestnut, truffle, gold leaf, mulberry
Celery, sea bass, dill
Cornetto, corn, foie gras
Tartelette of veal, quail egg, white anchovy
Champagne Palmer Brut Reserve NV


Lettuce, green apple, cabbage
Cucumber, tuna, ponzu
Toast deluxe, tartare, egg yolk, caviar
Green pea, snap peas, buttermilk
Château Schengen Riesling 2019 - Luxembourg

Egg, sturgeon, chive
hamachi, tomatillo, citrus
langoustine, curry, perilla seed
Wanne Chardonnay 2015
T. Litzman Schinznach - Aargau, Switzerland

Cauliflower, garlic, brown butter
Wagyu beef, soy, salsa verde, black garlic
carrot, onion, kimchi, quail, grapes, truffle
Saint-Joseph ‘Silice’ 2017 (magnums)
Domaine Coursodon, Rhône Valley, France

Coconut soufflé
pickled mango, saffron sorbet
Lieserer Niederberg-Helden Riesling Auslese 2017
Weingut Axel Pauly, Mosel, Germany

salée au sucre, croissant

Head Chef David Hartwig together with Executive Sous Chef and Pastry Chef Arne Riehn lead the team at IGNIV Bangkok. The dinner featured classic dishes familiar to regular patrons as well as new, seasonal ones served exclusively to the Chaîne before appearing on the restaurant’s menu.

It was a truly memorable evening.

Catherine Bower
Vice-Chargée de Presse

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