Australia Dinner

Bailliage of Australia
Melbourne, August 1, 2022

Outstanding Japanese food and sake at Tsuru
" The food, sake and hospitality were top-notch, as expected at any Chaîne event "

Our Bailliage’s 99th event was held at Tsuru, a Japanese restaurant centrally located in Melbourne. It was a memorable evening. Tsuru’s warm hospitality with delectable, modern, redefined Japanese food warmed our hearts and stomachs on a chilly evening.

We were welcomed with a glass of Prosecco as we mingled, upholding Chaîne camaraderie and a shared passion for good food, wine and table etiquette.

Bailli Daman Shrivastav formally started the evening by welcoming members and their guests. He presented a Bronze Medal to Vice-Chancelier Darren Lockie for his immense contribution to the Chaîne and his Commandeur award as a long-standing member.

Daman then introduced Jamie, Tsuru’s owner with Maître Rôtisseur Leslie Chan, who helped curate the evening’s menu and ensured the kitchen ran smoothly throughout dinner. Chef Leslie introduced the kitchen brigade who, with Head Chef Vu, created the meticulously crafted menu. Before each course Chef Leslie explained its story and thought process.

The final introduction was reserved for our very special guest, Mr Haydn from the Déjà vu Sake Company who explained the sake pairings for each course.

With much anticipation of what was to come, dinner began.


Crab daikon roll
Spanner crab, sweet ginger jelly, white radish

Seafood nori
Chopped bluefin tuna belly, sea urchin

Hokkaido scallop tofu
Scallop, snapper, tofu, figs puree, truffle

Tamago roll
Eel, egg roll
Kunizakari Jousen, served warm (45 degrees)
Dewazakura Dewasanan Junmai Ginjo

Sushi tasting platter
Tuna, salmon, kingfish
daily white fish, miso soup
Amanoto Junmai Ginjo
Fukuju Junmai

Wagyu tempura
M9 Wagyu wrapped in crispy corn sheet
red miso paste
Houraisen Yumesansui Junmai Ginjo
Shichida Junmai Ginjo

Slow-cooked duck breast
orange jus, shimeji mushrooms
Tengumai Yamahai Junmai Daiginjo
Kenbishi Kuromatsu

Raspberry dome entremet
Kunizakari black tea Umeshu

We had an awesome experience at Tsuru. The service was very professional and efficient. The food was simply out of this world. Bailli Daman thanked Vice-Conseiller Gastronomique Arno Tan and sake guru Alex Suvoltos, Vice-Argentier Honoraire, for their contribution to making the event special.

The food, sake and hospitality were top-notch, as expected at any Chaîne event. It certainly lived up to the Bailliage’s promise that it will continue striving to give its members and future guests an amazing experience every time.

Vive la Chaîne !

Based on a detailed report prepared by Vice-Chargé de Presse Abhishek Roy

Dubai, April 20, 2024

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