Mexico Grand Chapitre

Bailliage Mexico
Mexico City, October 6-9, 2022

Concurrent with the 2022 International JCR Final
" Viva Mexico and vive la Chaîne! "

The National Bailliage had the honour of hosting the 2022 International Final of the Chaîne’s Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs (JCR) Competition during which 17 international chefs under the age of 28 participated in a full day of competition at the Institute Le Cordon Bleu located on the Campus of the Universidad Anáhuac.

Thursday, October 6th
The competitors, companions and members from around the world enjoyed Mexico City to the fullest with a trajinera (traditional canoe) tour departing from Cuemanco pier. Then everyone moved on to the Arte Ocho garden - a chinampa (floating garden) - where Chef Alex Olvera prepared various pre-Hispanic dishes whilst explaining the tradition of growing vegetables.

On Thursday afternoon, everyone prepared for the welcome dinner at Chef Muñoz Zurita's Azul Histórico restaurant located in a 17th-century mansion.

Inducting Officer David Tetrault welcomed everyone and initiated the exchange of pins with great enthusiasm between attendees from Europe, Colombia and Costa Rica.

The menu included the queen of Mexican food: tortilla soup as well as duck and traditional desserts. Each course was complemented by wines from Baja California.

Friday, October 7th
During the morning competitors and international guests explored the historic centre of Mexico City, visiting the Cathedral and Templo Mayor ruins. Brunch at Restaurant Balcón del Zócalo followed where Chef, now Maitre Rotisseur, Pepe Salinas delighted us with a special menu. During the evening, there was a casual Mexican dinner held poolside at Galeria Plaza Reforma, the host hotel, prepared by Chef Guy Santoro's team.

Saturday, October 8th
The International JCR Final was held on Saturday with two different groups, one starting very early in the morning and the other at noon. [Ed. see separate report]

In the evening a reception and dinner were held at the spectacular Hacienda los Morales. Participants and guests were received on the terrace for cocktails after which they moved to the lounge to join a growing number of Mexican members to taste a delicious menu featuring a main course of beef Wellington in Port sauce with fresh spinach, stuffed Idaho potato and baby carrots

Sunday October 9th
On Sunday we ended the week in style with an Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner at the St Regis Mexico City Hotel. The ceremony began with a parade of flags with the 17 competitors. David Tetrault, Chair of the JCR Competition Committee, who is a Member of the Conseil d’Administration addressed the assembly. David spoke of the Chaîne's tradition of developing culinary talent worldwide.

After the JCR Awards and Induction Ceremony for the young chefs, the inductions continued with other members receiving their Chaîne regalia be it as new members or receiving a promotion. Two Chaîne International Bronze Awards were presented to Marco Albarrán and Guy Santoro, members of the National Committee, for their enthusiasm and assistance in the Bailliage of México. Local members cheered a loud "Viva México" that moved all the attendees.

The sublime menu for the Gala Dinner for 200 guests was prepared by Chefs Diego Niño, Conseiller Culinaire Guy Santoro and Canada Beef Ambassador Federico López.


Oysters, green mojo and pineapple caviar

Sashimi of watermelon, impregnated cucumber
miso and apple caviar

“Catch of the Day”
cooked at low temperature
mashed celeriac, crispy Idaho potato
peas with bacon

New York and short rib Canada AAA beef
pineapple puree, canned vegetables, gravy

Passion fruit tart
lemon curd and yogurt ice cream

At the end of the event, Baillí Delegué Thierry Blouet thanked the great participation throughout of Baja California Wines and the region’s different wineries: Finca La Carrodilla, Vinisterra, Relieve, Madera 5, Vinícola la Trinidad and Valle de Tintos y Norte 32, which achieved one priority of the local Chaîne: promote Mexican wine with guests from 17 countries.

Such a great event could not have been achieved without the organizing committee of the Chaîne: Bailli Délégué Thierry Blouet; Chargée de Missions Pilar Roth; Conseiller Culinaire Guy Santoro; Argentier Jorge Careaga; Échanson Johan Valderrabano; Chargé de Presse Marco Albarrán; and Dame de la Chaîne Nadia Luna who is a Sommelier.

That was not all. The “encore” was organized by the Bailliage of Zacatecas at which Bailli Galo Borrego entertained us with a great dinner at the Quinta Real Zacatecas Hotel.

Viva Mexico and vive la Chaîne!

Prepared from a detailed report prepared by Marco Albarrán Arozrena, Chargé de Presse

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