Turkey Dinner

Bailliage Antalya, Turkey
Fehtiye, October 29, 2022

Workspace oasis visit
" It was a lovely weekend in an incredible hotel with wonderful people. What more can we wish for? "

Members and guests were invited to visit the new workspace oasis of our Bailli Nihat Tümkaya.

At the beautiful beach in Fehtiye (West of the Turquoise Coast) the new Liberty Fabay Hotel has the pleasure to be in the loving, guiding hands of our Bailli.

Despite being only a few hours from Antalya everyone decided to stay overnight. During overnight events and trips, we enjoyed each other’s company even longer experiencing the true bond of friendship.

Our Gala Dinner was on October 29th, a Turkish public holiday commemorating the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in 1923. Chaîne flags waved in the summer breeze with many Turkish Flags. It was extra special to enjoy on a festive day such a delightful dinner.


Flavours of the deep
Sea salt matured tuna, oak smoked salmon rillette
leerfish, fruit-flavoured “raindrops”
dried beetroot powder, mango sauce, horseradish sauce
Riondo Prosecco 2021 - Italy

Lobster tail soup
Cauliflower paste with coriander in goat’s milk
lime mousse, edible flowers, fresh sage
dried lemon slices and grissini with village tarhana*
(*sun-dried food made of curd, tomato and flour)

Surf and turf
Ravioli stuffed with goose meat
creamy morel mushroom sauce, green asparagus
vegetable risotto with cuttlefish
scallops, turmeric, roasted pepper sauce, sprouts
La Concensus Chardonnay 2021 - İzmir and Torbalı

Forest fruit sorbet
Belvedere vodka, fresh mint leaves

Sous-vide spring lamb shank
ground wheat with butter
fresh mini vegetables, caramelized shallots
bone marrow gravy sauce
Chateau Kalpak 2019
(Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot)
Tekirdağ and Şarköy

Wish Tree
cherry ganache parfait, chocolate sticks
pumpkin cooked in limestone, baked walnuts
tahini in a mini saucer, lemon choux
raspberry sauce, caramel sauce, tropical fruits
Kavaklıdere Sultaniye 2021 - Denizli

Petits fours
homemade rocher, crushed chocolate varieties

Dessert was served after an ode to the festive day whilst everyone sang. The service brigade changed their uniform to a Turkish flag shirt. They served a Turkish flag decorated dessert called the ‘Wish Tree’.

Sitting outside in the private, separate cabanas was a challenge for synchronised service. Much planning and training beforehand paid off. We are very spoiled here in Turkey with service and possibilities. When an invitation from our own Bailli arrives, we know the spoiling will be first class.

It was a lovely weekend in an incredible hotel with wonderful people. What more can we wish for?

Love and respect to our dear Bailli and his inspiring Chefs, Managers and Liberty team workers. We appreciated the Liberty Fabay Hotel family for their unwavering support
and self-sacrifice.

Vive la Chaîne!

Leonie Kılıç

Bangkok, November 17, 2022

Long live the white truffle!

Amsterdam, October 28, 2022

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Urla (Izmir), November 9, 2022

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