Cameroon Dinner

Bailliage Douala, Cameroon
Douala, December 7, 2022

A festive, friendly atmosphere
" the culinary art of Chef Bernadette Nde .. a contemporary menu full of delicacies based on French recipes, with a twist "

The Bailliage concluded its 2022 programme at the Hôtel Sawa, which recently celebrated its 44th anniversary and where many local and international gastronomy experts have showcased their talent.

Led by its Bailli, Pierre Moifo, who is also the hotel’s Manager, members and friends of the Chaîne were treated to an evening dedicated to camaraderie, friendship and fraternity. This was all thanks to the culinary art of Chef Bernadette Nde, who prepared a contemporary menu full of delicacies based on French recipes, with a twist.


Springtime salmon gravlax roulade

Roasted duck breast with five-spice

Sole and prawn roulade
sour coulis with oyster mushrooms and Penja pepper
rice with turned vegetables

Iced vacherin
custard, red berry coulis


2020 Chablis - Maison Castel

2018 Châteauneuf-du-Pape ‘les Roches noires’
Barton & Guestier

A musical accompaniment was provided by the Sawa Jazz Band, whose melodies whetted our appetite, creating a wonderfully festive and welcoming atmosphere.

So how exactly do you convey the idea of escapism on a plate while at the same time creating such a unique atmosphere? A cuisine open to the world, an unusual approach to service and perfect music are the ingredients you need to create a few surprises and the opportunity to build on your friendship network.

And while we’re witnessing a comeback of classic dishes that some might see as old-fashioned or even long forgotten, these are characterised by generous servings modernised by daring Chefs like Jean-François Piège, who has written a cookery book containing 600 recipes from around the world. This cuisine is being reinvented as nourishing, convivial and even sustainable.

A date was set for another dinner at the beginning of the New Year.

Chloé Balanos
Bailli Délégué

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