Cameroon Dinner

Bailliage Yaoundé, Cameroon
Yaoundé, December 14, 2022

Dinner at the foot of the pyramids
" a festive dinner exploring Egyptian gastronomy "

For its last meal of the year, the Bailliage of Yaoundé met on December 14th at the residence of Her Excellency the Ambassador of Egypt, for a festive dinner exploring Egyptian gastronomy.

In her introductory address, Bailli Délégué Chloé Balanos welcomed members of the Chaîne and their guests, and thanked Ambassador Dalia Fayez Farag Ghubrial for her hospitality, energy and most importantly her commitment to this wonderful and noble Association.

She described Egyptian cuisine as a delicious melting pot with Mediterranean, Arabic and Oriental influences, featuring powerful and bewitching flavours. Generous and convivial, this cuisine is based on many different traditional specialities, all as delectable as each other.

Chloé expressed her gratitude for her strong links to three countries: the island of Cyprus, a neighbour of Egypt, where she was born; Cameroon, her adopted country for more than 50 years; and Egypt, the home of her religion.

Beyond the discovery of Egyptian gastronomy, the evening was all about seeing each other again and coming together to watch a World Cup football match, with interludes by a choir whose singing reflected the wonders of the festive season with all the sounds, lights and presents that it represents. The traditional tombola for the last dinner of the year was not forgotten and nobody left empty-handed.

This festive atmosphere continued late into the night and as guests said their farewells they wished each other happy festive celebrations with their friends and family.

Chloé Balanos
Bailli Délégué

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