Singapore Brunch

Bailliage Singapore
November 20, 2022

Oysters a key feature on the menu
" The food was paired with wines from the Bailliage's renowned cellar "

The Bailliage held a “Superbrunch” at The Spot* in the Marina Bay area.

Among the highlights of the menu were nine varieties of freshly shucked oysters on ice.

The chefs at The Spot also worked hard to produce a varied menu to accompany the oysters.

Not to be outdone, Bailli Délégué Eng Fook Hoong and his team of Non-Professionals also stepped forward to whip up their famous “Sup Kambing” (Southeast Asian mutton soup).

The food was paired with wines from the Bailliage’s renowned cellar.

Live music and dancing ensured that the party started at 10.30am with the last guests not leaving until gone 6pm!

Leroy McCully

* According to the establishment’s website, The Spot offers an eclectic menu fusing contemporary European cuisine with Southeast Asian ingredients. It is an all-day dining cafe, restaurant, bar and cigar lounge where friends and colleagues come together.

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