Cameroon Dinner

Bailliage of Yaoundé, Cameroon
Yaoundé, January 25, 2023

A taste of Tunisia
" A selection of Tunisian wines accompanied the meal "

“A taste of Tunisia” was the theme for the Bailliage of Yaoundé’s first meal of 2023.

On January 25th, the Bailliage welcomed its members and friends of the Chaîne to a symphony of flavours conjured up by the National Bailliage of Tunisia and the National Bailliage of Cameroon, with a gourmet dinner jointly organised by the Tunisian Embassy in Cameroon, the Hilton Hotel and the Bailliage of Yaoundé.

The “Le Pachy” restaurant was beautifully decorated, carrying on the theme of the magical New Year festivities that had only just come to an end.

Tunisian Chef Mounir El Arem, Conseiller Culinaire of the National Bailliage of Tunisia and owner of “Le Baroque” restaurant in Tunis, had made the journey to prepare a menu to delight the 40 or so people present. The event was attended by some prestigious guests and an impressive number of representatives from the diplomatic corps.



Trio of Tunisian salads
Mechouia  |  Tunisian  |  Houria

“Fatma’s fingers*”
Brik parcels filled with prawns

Sea bass fillet
couscous and vegetable timbales

Lemon sorbet

Klaya-style shredded beef
with thyme and rosemary
pumpkin purée, polenta

Selection of Tunisian cakes
Makroudh  |  Kaak with almonds
Dates stuffed with sesame seed paste

Green tea with fresh mint
Teas and coffee

A selection of Tunisian wines accompanied the meal, which took place in a wonderfully warm and friendly atmosphere.

Guests congratulated the Bailli Délégué and the Tunisian Ambassador for this delightful initiative. They also congratulated the Managing Director of the Hilton Hotel, its Executive Chef Mr Benoit and, above all, Chef Mounir El Arem for the wonderfully presented and delicious meal.

We look forward to more Tunisian delights!

Chloé Balanos
Bailli Délégué

* A Tunisian speciality usually served as a starter. Filled, deep-fried filo pastry (brik or malsouqa) parcels shaped into rectangles to look like fingers.

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