Australia Dinner

Bailliage of Victoria, Australia
Balwyn (Melbourne), February 6, 2023

Celebrating Chinese New Year at Supreme Kitchen
" Highlight of the dinner was Yee Sang, the traditional 'prosperity' salad "

Bailliage members and their guests celebrated Chinese New Year with a ‘sold-out’ dinner at Supreme Kitchen in Balwyn, a suburb of Melbourne.

Supreme is a sister restaurant of Jade Kew which located in Kew, Victoria. The founders are Ken, Frances and Eddie. These three young entrepreneurs have been working in Melbourne’s Chinese restaurants for decades. About 10 years ago they decided to start up together.

The evening started with glass of champagne. Bailli Daman Shrivastav gave an acknowledgement of the country and welcomed new members and guests.

Highlight of the dinner was Yee Sang, the traditional ‘prosperity’ salad. Chef Jonny Jong together with Vice-Conseiller Gastronomique Arno Tan and his wife explained the significance of Yee Sang. Each member tossed the salad together as high as possible which was real fun and a great start to the evening.

Pickled vegetables, lettuce, plum sauce, peanuts, cinnamon, white pepper, wonton skins, sesame seed with Tasmanian salmon started our Chinese New Year celebration menu excellently.

First entrée: either steamed trio dim sums, prawn’s dumpling, pork siu mai bursting with flavours or vegetable spinach dumplings which didn’t disappoint the vegetables lovers.

Second entrée: vegetarian san choi bao followed by roasted Peking duck with Hoisin sauce, cucumber, leeks wrapped in pancakes were divine.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the Queensland king prawns with ginger and spring onion which was the third entrée.

Longevity noodles were next. Diners were blown away with this unique dish.

Then started the real feast of main courses:
- Supreme J signature platter
- crispy pork belly
- honey BBQ pork
- marinated jellyfish
- pickled garlic and cucumber
- Coral Trout fillets with black truffle, assorted greens
- Hokkaido scallops with asparagus, Shimeji mushrooms, garlic sauce
- Angus beef tenderloin with honey garlic and black pepper
- golden egg and seafood fried rice

A simply delicious dessert of mango, sago, pomelo sweet soup with vanilla ice cream was an auspicious finale of great events to come in 2023.

Vive la Chaîne !

Daman Shrivastav

Dubai, April 20, 2024

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