Malaysia Gala Dinner

Bailliage of Penang, Malaysia
George Town (Penang), February 10, 2023

Extra special reason to celebrate
" Chef Hock's distinctive style of traditional French cooking .. gives a playful yet complex flavour to savour "

Kicking off the New Year with an overwhelming turnout for our Gala Dinner, we welcomed guests from the Bailliages of Kuala Lumpur and Perak.

The extra special reason to celebrate? We dined at our very own newly minted Michelin star Restaurant Au Jardin led by Chef Kim Hock. By no means a stranger to us epicureans.

Perfect to awaken our palette, a delightful amuse bouche combination of mushroom tart and red pepper parfait on marmite crisp.

Chef Hock’s distinctive style of traditional French cooking accented with local spices and herbs gives a playful yet complex flavour to savour.

Our appetisers of scotched baby squid and mussels in fennel curry presented the many complexities of what living on an island has to offer. Simplicity of the steamed pearl corn was refreshing yet had burst of umami elevating the humble corn.

One highlight was Au Jardin’s Grand Caviar on a bed of lobster and cauliflower served in individual tins. Second was their signature magnum sorbet palette cleanser. This concoction was perfectly balanced mix of passionfruit, celery and tarragon.

Main courses offered a choice: wild caught garoupa paired with cilantro, tomatoes and pumpkin or veal short rib. The veal was served alongside six-hour braised tendon which had a jelly-like texture. Accompanying were liquorice, herbs, celeriac, pickled shallots and jus maison.

Lastly, dessert: light yet creamy ensemble of melon and Chantilly cream. It was a well-balanced sweet ending to our degustation journey with Chef Kim Hock.

The night was an outstanding success. A combination of first-time diners and regular patrons who had an enjoyable night celebrating the new Year of the Rabbit with good food and great company.

Our Bailliage of Penang was thrilled to present our Chaîne Appreciation Plaque to our very own Michelin-starred Chef alongside his amazing, tireless and dedicated team. They always give stellar service and make every effort to ensure guests are well looked after.

Vive la Chaîne!

Isabel Lim
Vice-Chargée de Presse

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