OMGD Australia Tasting

Bailliage Brisbane, Australia
Brisbane, February 15, 2023

Spanish wines showcased at Alba Bar & Deli
" a line-up of delights from Spain's Barranco Oscuro winery "

Destination Funky Town! The Bailliage’s first OMGD (Ordre Mondial des Gourmets Dégustateurs) for 2023 took off on February 15th at Alba Bar & Deli, with a hearty ‘olé’.

The outstanding Spanish showcase was led by Professionnel du Vin Toby Parker from Cru Wines. He took us through a line-up of delights from Spain's Barranco Oscuro winery.

Sitting at over 1,300m above sea level, and just 10km inland from Spain's far south coast, the winery offers out of the ordinary expressions from a unique winemaking family. Members and guests enjoyed three shared courses with six paired wines from 2009, 2010, and 2011 vintages.

The beautifully aged wines of Barranco Oscuro, one of Spain's most extraordinary and exciting wineries, presented at Alba, Brisbane's destination for San Sebastian inspired pintxos [Ed: small snacks], were as below.


Champagne Michel Gonet ‘Blanc de Noirs’ '6g' NV


Flight one
2013 Barranco Oscuro Sauvignon 'Salvaje Blanco'
2012 Barranco Oscuro Viognier 'La Ví y Soñé'
Oysters | Scallops | Mussels | Kingfish ceviche

Flight two
2010 Barranco Oscuro Pinot Noir 'El Poni Rojo'
2010 Barranco Oscuro Garnacha 'Garnata'
Serrano | Iberico | Salami | Anchovies | Croquetas

Flight three
2011 Barranco Oscuro Merlot 'El Canto di Mirlo'
2009 Barranco Oscuro Syrah 'Rubaiyat'
Bistec | Kingfish | Tomatoes | Peppers


Jamie Fleming is the owner of Alba. We were looked after by Cecile. All in all, it was a fabulous evening, with excellent service and flavours from the awesome Alba team.

Majella Pugh

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