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Bled, February 25, 2023

Hotel Triglav's Restaurant 1906 excels once more
" We sat down at the table with great anticipation "

Sommelier Danijel Galjot welcomed us for our latest dining occasion at Hotel Triglav’s “Restaurant 1906” with its view of Lake Bled.

As befits an excellent connoisseur of gins, Danijel greeted us with a very special gin and tonic, to which, in addition to white grapes and herbs, he added a few drops of olive oil of the indigenous Istrian Belica variety. To accompany the aperitif the kitchen served up cream-filled bread with pickled onions and red caviar.

It was time for lunch. We sat down at the table with great anticipation. As soon as Aleš Fende, Chef of Restaurant 1906, introduced the culinary sequence of our lunch there were enthusiastic glances among those present.

What followed did not disappoint. Among the excellent plates, which were also pleasing to the eye, a mysterious green ball should be highlighted. We soon found out that it was nettle ice cream which hid a centre made of egg yolk and meatless bacon. A bold, but excellently executed Chef's idea, which was complemented perfectly by a fresh 2021 vintage Prinčičev Jakot. It must be acknowledged that the choice of this wine was also a bold but appropriate decision.

Even the venison with marjoram, Jerusalem artichoke, spruce tops and cherry impressed with the variety of flavours and appearance. A perfect partner of Ronk ‘Selectus’ Red 2016 from Goriška Brda (70% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon) - served from magnums - once again showed how important a role the sommelier plays and should play in modern cuisine.

Somewhat jokingly, Danijel Galjot described Aleš Fendet's kitchen as a “Gorenje Robata”. NB. Gorenje is a manufacturer of high-quality domestic appliances that are friendly to environment, luxurious and have a long-lasting guarantee. They are distinguished by unique design and superior technology.

The same going for Chef Aleš’s food creations for which Danijel is tasked to find suitable wines. It must be admitted that he succeeds excellently.

Fine wine and culinary stories are born from the challenges the two professionals set themselves.

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