Costa Rica Dinner

Bailliage of San José, Costa Rica
San José, February 18, 2023

Full of soul, life, heart and flavour
" During the six-course meal, each dish was surprising for its very local flavours mixed with foreign culinary techniques "

The Bailliage’s first event in 2023 left attendees most satisfied after enjoying a dinner based on Costa Rican grown produce and prepared with four ingredients present in every dish: soul, life, heart and very good seasoning.

The gastronomic evening was held at the Alma de árbol Restaurant, located in the Barrio Escalante neighbourhood amidst a hundred plus gastronomic establishments.

Alma de árbol originated in the mountainous area of San Gerardo de Dota, about 50 miles south of San José, Costa Rica’s capital city. Given the success the owners decided to open one in San José. Both restaurants have the same menu based on local produce from Chef Alexa Aguliar’s farm.

San Gerardo, Chef Alexa’s hometown, is in Los Santos, the region where one of the best coffees in the world is grown. It is also characterized by crops of juicy apples, plums, tamarillo, vegetables, fruit. All is produced on the banks of the River Savegre, Central America’s cleanest river, which runs through this colourful, quiet and chilly town. Wonderful trout also come from the river.

During the six-course meal, each dish was surprising for its very local flavours mixed with foreign culinary techniques.


Carpaccio of farm grown Hass avocado
fried capers, lemon curd
thinly sliced tamarillo, Parmesan
Vista Mar Sparkling Wine - Chile

Caribbean trout, sweet cabbage salad
Morandé Chardonnay Reserva - Chile

Creamy risotto prepared with tamarillo
tempura, shiitake mushrooms
sweet tomato confit
Morandé Chardonnay Reserva - Chile

Green leaves salad
cheeses produced in San Gerardo de Dota

Brownie with surprise caramel inside
farm-grown cape gooseberries

Dessert was prepared by Chef Marlon Calderón, a colleague of Chef/Owner Alexa. Together they made a great team.

Good coffee produced in the Zona de Los Santos was the grand finale. Named Café Sublime (lit. magnificent coffee), a high-quality coffee produced by Chevalier Danny Mora.

Reflecting on the food and wines, which was better: spectacularly spicy flavoured Caribbean trout or creamy tamarillo risotto? The survey revealed a tie. There were very positive expressions about the wines with most applauded being the Morandé Chardonnay Reserva.

Thanks were given to the organisers of the dinner. Especially to Chef Alexa and her team assisted by Vice-Conseiller Culinaire Chef Marlon Calderón.

Prepared from a detailed report written by Chargé de Presse Miguel Barboza

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