Myanmar Chapitre

Bailliage of Myanmar
Yangon, March 25, 2023

Well worth the wait!
" More than 60 Chaîne members and honoured guests from Myanmar and beyond graced the occasion "

On March 25th, the Bailliage held its first Chapitre in three years followed by a spectacular dinner highlighting great food and wine. A sense of great fellowship was fostered amongst attendees.

The event took place in the country’s finest Seeds Restaurant and Lounge, brainchild of Swiss Michelin-starred Chef Felix Eppisser and his wife, Officier Maître Restaurateur Lucia Eppisser.

More than 60 Chaîne members and honoured guests from Myanmar and beyond graced the occasion.

The evening started with the formal Induction Ceremony. Magnus Scherr, Bailli Délégué Honoraire and Member of the Conseil Magistral officially performed the rituals and traditions.

Dinner was a culinary masterpiece. It began with delicate caviar, a perfectly balanced combination with sour cream, spring onion, charcoaled buckwheat and a splash of vodka that created flavours which worked together so well.

Home-marinated salmon was another highlight. Tangy Kaffir lime and sweet pomegranate complemented the fresh, succulent salmon. Cucumber added a refreshing crunch.

Perfectly cooked tiger prawns with a lovely depth of flavour from lentils, saffron, Tom Yum and basil. A wonderful complexity that made this dish truly special.

The yin and yang of lamb and free-range chicken was a beautifully presented dish that tasted even better than it looked. Peppermint, bacon, potato, root vegetables and sweet corn all worked together to create a deliciously hearty meal that was elegant and refined.

An assortment of artisan craft cheese from the Burmese Cheese Club elevated the senses. Myanmar’s own high-quality chocolates ended the extravagant feast.

Throughout the evening, guests mingled and shared stories of their culinary experiences whilst savouring delicious food and wine. A lively and convivial atmosphere, with laughter and good cheer filling the room.

The Chapitre was a triumph, highlighting the very best of food and wine pairing. It brought together a community of passionate food lovers for an evening of great food, wine and fellowship.

Chris Lao
Chargé de Presse

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