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Bailliage Korea
Seoul, May 25, 2023

'Let's Go!' pop-up events launched
" a pilot event that, with sufficient interest and proven manageability, we hope will become part of our permanent annual programme "

Greater diversity of events is an ideal opportunity to build camaraderie. To offer a more diverse programme and encourage greater member participation, the Bailliage launched its “Let’s go!” pop-up events.

These are member-initiated, short-notice get-togethers that are not part of our official calendar. Members can propose a “Let’s go!” event and make arrangements to have an event in a restaurant of their choice.

“Let’s go!” events not only allow other members to experience the joy of discovering new places and help to support local businesses, but they also help to promote camaraderie by being casual, members-only events.

Bailliage of Korea events are usually high-priced, formal affairs held at five-star hotels. “Let’s go!” events complement this annual programme with fun and accessible alternatives that are interesting yet simple to execute. By involving members in the planning, we not only avoid overloading our short-staffed organization but also allow the management team to get to know members even better.

Our first volunteer was Dame de la Chaîne Joo Ryung Kim, who recommended Buvette, a “hot” neighbourhood-type French bistro in the trendy Gangnam area. Unknown to most members, Buvette is an award-winning “Gastrotheque” established in 2011 in New York by Chef Jody Williams that opened a branch in Seoul in 2022.

Attendees shared eight Buvette signature dishes accompanied by a glass of wine at a very reasonable cost. Joyful members who were elated by the extremely friendly and relaxed atmosphere, happily invited fellow members to more wine and built camaraderie.


Marinated leeks | Salade Niçoise | Oyster Rockefeller

Brandade of cod | Boeuf bourguignon | Steak-frites

Chocolate mousse | Tarte Tatin

Coffee or Tea

from the Loire Valley in France

Sancerre Blanc - Pascal Balland
Chinon ‘Le Puy’ - Jean Maurice Raffault

“Let’s go!” is currently a pilot event that, with sufficient interest and proven manageability, we hope will become part of our permanent annual programme.

Soon Chul Kim
Chargé de Presse

Phuket, September 7, 2023

A celebration of gastronomy, history, and culture

Wellington, August 31, 2023

Excellent evening with unusual wines

Tokyo, August 28+29, 2023

At Château Restaurant Joël Robuchon

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