Korea Dinner

Bailliage of Korea
Jijeong-myeon, June 3, 2023

Details were perfect 'to a T'
" Our Italian themed dinner was in a private banquet room at Seongmunan's restaurant 'Fioretto' "

An impeccable retreat with sports, food, drinks, and nature was staged at newly upgraded Seongmunan Country Club to liberate Chaîne members from city life’s stresses.

When Sebastian Fischoeder, Federico Heinzmann and Sky Kim, familiar names who have hosted Chaîne events in the past, joined HDC Resorts Food and Beverage Group Director Brian Kang, we knew results would be magical.

First, a round of golf at the exquisite Seongmunan golf course famous for using “bentgrass”, throughout. Perfectly chilled champagne, personalized water tumblers, and snacks pleasantly surprised golfers.

Later, we sipped Aperol spritzers and Fantini Brut Gran Cuvee Bianco on the expansive rooftop of the clubhouse taking in 360 degrees of beautiful nature whilst nibbling on tasty hors d'oeuvres.

Our Italian themed dinner was in a private banquet room at Seongmunan’s restaurant “Fioretto”. Tables were beautifully adorned by Rachel Seo from DeVelop Consulting with blue, purple, pink, and orange flowers with touches of gold reminiscent of a carnival.

Chef Heinzmann, whose career began at Harry Cipriani in Buenos Aires, created a multi-faceted menu. To enhance appreciation of the tasty dishes and reinforce the emphasis on nature, Sommelier Sky Kim paired each dish with mainly organic and natural Italian wines. Another example of attention and care, Sky decanted the Brunello di Montalcino and painstakingly poured it back into each bottle to show guests the bottle’s label while filling their glasses.

The evening ended with grappa sipped, cigars smoked, movies watched by moonlight on the clubhouse’s outdoor terrace - Cinema Paradiso style. Mathias Cohen-Aknine from Pierre Ltd. graciously introduced members to cigar smoking, a Chaîne tradition in Korea nearly forgotten.


Tuna carpaccio
sea urchin mayonnaise
sweet shrimp crudo
cured egg yolk
Fantini Edizione Bianco NV - Abruzzo, Italy

Duck foie gras
beetroot, pistachio, toast
Amaretto sauce
Recioto di Soave Classico ‘Le Colombare’ 2017
Pieropan - Veneto, Italy

Black and white pasta cannelloni
truffle, veal, chicken mousseline
celery, Pinot Grillo sauce
Foradori Teroldego IGT 2015
Vigneti Delle Dolomiti Rosso, Trentino, Italy

Belgian potato pearl gnocchi
mascarpone sauce
duck confit ragout
2016 Barolo 2016
Giovanni Sordo - Piemonte, Italy

Porchetta, spices, prosciutto
tomato mostarda, fragrant apple compote
black truffles
Brunello Di Motalcino Riserva 2016
La Fiorita - Toscana, Italy

Bitter chocolate and Nutella tiramisu mousse
espresso sauce
Canace Nero Di Troia 2018
Cantina Diomede - Puglia, Italy

The event was graced by the presence of our newly transferred member the Ambassador of Denmark His Excellency Svend Olleg and his wife. Many thanks go to HDC Resort Division Director Sebastian Fischoeder and the team for their warm hospitality and impeccable planning. Their passion and care shone through. Memories were created that will last us a lifetime.

Soon Chul Kim
Chargé de Presse

Dubai, April 20, 2024

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