South Africa - Joshua Urdang

Bailliage of South Africa
Stellenbosch, November 20, 2023

An enthusiastic Chef Rôtisseur member
" Recently Joshua has become a private chef "

Continuing the promotion of our under-30 age group Chaîne members, I am pleased to introduce you to Joshua Urdang who is an enthusiastic Chef Rôtisseur member of the Chaîne.

He qualified at CTIA (Chefs Training and Innovation Academy) in 2022 with a Higher National Diploma: Chef. His employment career has seen him working at Klein Jan, Pier La Colombe, Grand Roche and Ghenwa’s Culinary Club (a Chaîne member establishment) between 2019 and now.

Recently Joshua has become a private chef. On request he provides clients a bespoke service for private functions, dinners and occasions. Those that require ambition and creativity. Events that design memories to last a lifetime.

What do we know about how this Chef Rôtisseur operates? We learn from the man himself that he is “a Chef Tournant who has a deep love for pastry”.

Chef Joshua loves putting the results of his extensive research into different techniques, trends and foods into practice. “As part of my life as a qualified chef, I really love to cater private events and dinner parties as well as help restaurants and people with recipe and menu developments.”

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