Denmark - Medal of Merit

Bailliage of Denmark
Aabenraa, November 11, 2023

Presented to Jens Peter Kolbeck
" for his extraordinary and lifelong contribution to Danish gastronomy "

At Restaurant Knapp on November 11th, on behalf of the Bailliage of Denmark, Bailli Délégué Jørgen Krenk (who is a Member of the Conseil Magistral), Chevalier d'Honneur His Excellency Pascal Hector (Germany's Ambassador to Denmark) and Officer Christian Lunding presented a Medal of Merit to Emeritus Head Chef Jens Peter Kolbeck for his extraordinary and lifelong contribution to Danish gastronomy.

Jens Peter Kolbeck was trained as a chef in the mid-1960s at Hotel Dagmar in Ribe. Subsequently, he spent several years abroad working at top restaurants and hotels in Europe: including Savoy Hotel in London and a string of Michelin 3-star European restaurants. He is also a former Court Chef for Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark and a restaurateur at his own restaurant.

In 1993, Jens Peter Kolbeck won silver at the Bocuse d'Or at a time when many of the best chefs in the world came from France. It was not only an achievement in itself but also helped to underline his towering professional level. Today, Chef Kolbeck is still one of the most respected figures in the “Chef industry” circles. In 2012, he was honoured with a prestigious “Foundation for the Promotion of Danish Gastronomy” award.

We wish Jens Peter Kolbeck congratulations on the medal of merit.

Jørgen Krenk
Bailli Délégué
Member of the Conseil Magistral

Restaurant Knapp
Stennevej 79
6200 Aabenraa

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