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Zgornja Kungota, February 5, 2024

Gregor Vračko - continuing a culinary tradition
" Gregor has cooked around the world, technically proficient, meticulously perfectionist with no great philosophy "

Hiša Denk [Ed. Hiša = House] is located in Zgornja Kungota, a short drive from Maribor. From 1972 this Michelin 1-star establishment has been a restaurant with strong family traditions located between the picturesque wine roads of Austrian Styria and Mariborsko Pohorje where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of the countryside and meander along the delightful ‘Wine Road’.

Modern architecture combined with simple exteriors is pleasing to the eye. Interior spaces flow naturally into each other. Two interior dining spaces and a sheltered outdoor terrace overlook a peaceful garden with furnishings specially commissioned to provide comfort and a sense of tranquillity created by an abundance of wood, warm colours and natural light.

Today’s generation vision is to create a special dining experience using the finest local produce of Styria combining the best of the past with modern skills and techniques. Maître Restaurateur Gregor Vračko and his team of chefs take pride in every detail to give the diner a delightful experience aiming to excite palates with dishes based on local tradition with a 21st century twist. An extensive wine list offers a fine selection of local, national and international wines.

Alongside Gregor leading members of staff are:
- Matevz Bozič, Sous Chef
- Boštjan Vogrinčič, Head Waiter
- Kari Wiggen, Sommelier

Born into a hospitality family, Gregor was always something special, unruly and immensely curious. Brother David, who develops his own culinary story in Maribor’s Mak, has also dedicated his life to cuisine. Gregor has cooked around the world, technically proficient, meticulously perfectionist with no great philosophy. “Cooking is no mission. I grew up with it and it slowly took over. A classic story. Nothing new or shocking,” says Vračko. He continues, “I was taught hard work and discipline during my training.”

Well-known for being witty; sharp in his thoughts, work, words; for being uncompromising and outspoken. Recognised as one of the best chefs in Europe and an owner of amazing collection of supreme wines, Gregor Vračko in his Hiša Denk, Zgornja Kungota in Maribor’s vicinity, brings to Slovenia and beyond a surprising approach to fine dining.

Hiša Denk
Zgornja Kungota 11A
2201 Zgornja Kungota

Tel: +386 2 656 35 51

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