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Bailliage of Sweden
Visby, June 14, 2024

Volare Wine Bar
" Natalie has restaurant business in her blood "

Well worth a visit on the island of Gotland, even during the ‘dark’ season, is the beautiful, exciting World Heritage city of Visby in which was Clematishuset (The Clematis House) dating back to the 13th century. Sommelier member of the Chaîne, Natalie Nilsson, fell for it immediately.

Completely empty except for fantastic chandeliers it was just right. Natalie has an eye for design so was able to create a fantastic atmosphere for her wine bar Volare - (Italian for ‘to fly)’. “It’s a floating concept that must be constantly changing in this outstanding environment,” Natalie explains.

The well-stocked bar has 150 varieties of vintage bottles together with appetizing charcuterie, cheese platters and snacks. That’s how it started: a wine bar with lots of wine and snacks. Now Volare is more of a wine restaurant and often fully booked. “And that wasn’t my plan,” says Natalie, “Volare lives a life of its own and floats in any direction with input from guests and staff.”

Every season except summer is Volare’s high season. Everyone is welcome but it’s the locals that Natalie cares about. “Gotlanders are enterprising and Visby has a lot of restaurants opened even in wintertime. Guests want to eat ‘real food’. The summer influx is a small bonus,” she reasons.

Natalie has restaurant business in her blood. After many fun, hard, crazy years in the big city, Natalie came to Gotland and stayed. She worked in the dining room as a sommelier plus everything else that needs to be done in a restaurant.

Today, Volare is flying higher and better than ever. It is completely ‘non-conceptual’. When wine experts ask about Natalie’s goals and purpose for the wine list, her answer is nothing at all, apart from guests wishes fulfilled with gusto.

“I go by feeling,” she explains, “not country, grape or vintage. Wines come and go with responsibly produced wines preferred. I am careful about pricing. I want guests to try lots and often.”

“Two hundred wines are now available by glass. We love opening bottles,” she laughs.

Wines are served in sturdy all-round glasses, large and generous, suitable for different types of wine. Really good champagne glasses are essential, wide and spacious which preserve mousse and aroma in the best possible way. Volare has been nominated in the Star Wine List with a listing of approximately 450 varieties.

The menu which suits most people includes the classic Swedish ‘Toast Skagen’ sandwich. The offering is varied by the talented chefs, especially presenting a selection of hot dishes with a fantastic fish stew. The well-chosen cheese menu includes the unique Swedish Granbark cheese. When melted in the oven it is eaten as cheese fondue paired perfectly with Jura region wines.

Volare is super convenient for lucky Gotlanders who Natalie greets with come and float around in true Volare spirit!

Catarina Offe
Conseiller Gastronomique

Translated into Engllsh by Margareta Henry, Chargée de Missions Honoraire

Volare Vinbar
Strandgatan 20
621 58 Visby

Web: www,
Tel: +46 498 21 01 19

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