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Bailliage of Greece
Rhodes, July 2, 2024

Visionary behind the Sheraton Resort Rhodes
" Promoting Greek tradition and culture is integral to the resort's identity "

Officier Maître Hôtelier Gregory Liasides, General Manager of the Sheraton Resort Rhodes, exemplifies Greek hospitality’s essence. An extensive tourism industry career from Athens to Azerbaijan, including notable tenures at the Grande Bretagne and King George hotels in Athens, Gregory has honed his skills and leadership to deliver exceptional guest experiences.

His journey in hospitality began in Limassol, Cyprus, where the flourishing luxury hotel scene in the 1980s captured his imagination. As a child, he found hotels magical, a sentiment that evolved into a career aspiration. Fascination with the intricate workings of hotels drove him to pursue excellence in the field, aiming always for the top.

Rhodes, a perennial favourite among travellers, owes its appeal to comprehensive tourist offerings and exceptional diversity. Gergory attributes the island’s success to its rich culture, historical landmarks like the medieval city plus natural wonders such as Butterfly Valley and pristine beaches. He envisions great potential for winter tourism on the island, thanks to its favourable climate; ongoing efforts to extend the tourist season; deep-rooted generational culture of hospitality, a pivotal factor in Rhodes’ ongoing popularity and future growth.

At the helm of the Sheraton Rhodes Resort, Gergory oversees a hotel designed by renowned Greek architects. The resort’s minimalist design and integration with the natural environment provide a serene, immersive experience for guests. Gregory believes that the hotel’s aesthetic harmony with its surroundings significantly enhances visitors’ moods and overall experience.

Promoting Greek tradition and culture is integral to the resort’s identity. Historical elements are featured including knights’ banners in the lobby and traditional mosaics at the restaurant entrance. Culinary offerings include authentic local flavours with ingredients sourced from the Aegean, paired with wines from distinguished Greek producers.

Gergory’s experience at the prestige hotels in Athens taught him the importance of responsibility towards both establishment and guests. Managing these luxury destinations, which attract high-profile visitors and host significant events, instilled in him a high standard of service and professionalism.

He is optimistic about the future of the Sheraton Rhodes Resort. The brand’s international reshaping, focusing on community and local inspiration, aligns perfectly with his vision of offering guests an authentic experience of Rhodes. He believes that the resort’s innovative approach will continue to attract visitors seeking genuine Greek hospitality.

Outside of his professional responsibilities, Gregory values a balanced life: genuine happiness and quality of life, free from societal expectations. This philosophy extends to his work aiming to foster an environment that prioritizes guest satisfaction and employee well-being.

Seeing immense potential in Greece’s tourism industry, Gregory emphasizes the need for comprehensive development to maximize tourism’s potential, creating opportunities for young professionals to specialize in this vital sector.

Gregory Liasides’ leadership at the Sheraton Rhodes Resort reflects his deep understanding of Greek hospitality and his commitment to excellence. His vision and expertise continue to elevate the resort’s status, ensuring guests experience Rhodes’ true essence in every visit. As he guides the resort into the future, his balanced approach and dedication to authentic hospitality set a benchmark for the industry.

To conclude: his motto is “Balanced life is more than words. It’s a guiding philosophy.”

Sheraton Rhodes Resort
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