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Denmark Lunch

Copenhagen, May 5, 2016

Thirteen dish Sunday lunch Danish family style

Restaurant Kronborg, a classic Copenhagen lunch restaurant, recently has sharpened its gastronomic profile while keeping the experience of one of the city’s ‘old school’ places. “Smørrebrød” (English: open sandwich) is served in the honoured Danish culinary tradition. Some claim it is the only truly Danish contribution to world gastronomy.

The restaurant is open on Sundays unlike the majority of traditional lunch restaurants in the country. Taking advantage of this fact, together with Maître Restaurateur Claes Petersen we arranged an introductory lunch. It included almost his entire repertoire!

All thirteen courses were served individually in the “modern” form called “family style”. The entire table gets a nicely decorated dish to share and we enjoyed exploring all the combinations. As tradition dictates, all courses were served with rye or wheat bread. The excellent service made sure that the flow of the dishes was flawless.

Part 1
-  Branteviksild - home-salted herrings, fresh herbs
-  Kronborg’s warm fried pickled herrings, soft onions, capers
-  Pan-fried fillet of sole, dill mayonnaise, hand-peeled shrimps
-  Kronborg’s marinated salmon, fresh herbs, lime cream
-  Smoked eel, scrambled eggs
Served with locally brewed New York Lager and homemade Kronborg Classic Snaps (Akvavit)

Part 2
-  Chicken salad with mushrooms, asparagus and bacon.
-  Roast beef with remoulade, crispy onions, fresh horseradish and cucumber salad.
-  Warm liver paté with bacon, red beets and mushrooms.
-  Rib pork roast with red cabbage
Served with Kings County Brown Ale and homemade Kronborg Special Snaps (Akvavit)

Part 3
-  West Coast cheese with fruit compote
-  Strong aged Cheese, rum, meat jelly, onions
Served with Helsingør PX Sherry Snaps (Akvavit)

Before the coffee and petit fours, came the traditional line-up of the staff. Maître Rôtisseur Thorbjørn Scott Moy (from the prestigious Tivoli Hotel) gave the appreciation noting that Restaurant Kronborg seriously attended to every detail. Bailli Délégué Jørgen Krenk welcomed them into the Chaîne presenting Maître Restaurateur Claes Petersen with the Chaîne Professionals plaque.

Jørgen Krenk
Bailli Délégué

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