Egypt Dinner

Bailliage of Amon, Egypt
Cairo, September 20, 2016

Visiting Canadian Chef works magic

Our season commenced at The Grill Restaurant of the Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel where we were looking forward to famous Canadian Chef Philippe Laloux’s specially-created menu.

Chef Laloux teaches, writes cook-books, runs a catering service and has a sought-after restaurant in Montreal. He was in Cairo for a culinary festival held at the hotel. Delicate aromas and flavours gathered on his travels would feature throughout the dinner.

Live music entertained us throughout the evening which started with a cocktail reception. Bailli Farida Mansour accompanied by Bailli Délégué Yves Phares welcomed everyone as did the hotel’s General Manager Sameh Sobhi and Chef Laloux. The Canadian Ambassador, His Excellency Troy Lulashnyk was among the guests delighted to meet the famous Canadian Chef.

The Grill Restaurant overlooks the River Nile flowing through Cairo. To complement the outstanding view the tables had been beautifully decorated for the occasion. Chef Laloux shared his culinary philosophy and passion for cooking as he described the menu created in collaboration with the Semiramis Culinary team. Olivier Sauvage, Marketing Manager of Al Ahram Beverages, introduced the wines.

The menu was a unique experience: cooked to perfection and served with great precision every course had new aromas and flavours not to mention an exquisitely artistic presentation.

After dessert Chef Laloux chatted with us. Our acclaim was unanimous for his creative, refined cuisine which seduces by its originality, lightness and flavours. The culinary and service brigades also received accolades for their contribution to making it a very successful evening and an unforgettable dinner.

Farida Mansour

Dubai, April 20, 2024

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