Cook Islands Reception

Bailliage of Cook Islands
Rarotonga, January 27, 2017

Exciting culinary times for this Pacific destination

The Bailliage cordially invited interested individuals to an extended “Happy Hour” at the Pacific Resort Muri.

All were welcomed to learn more about the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs from the officers and members.Emphasis was particularly given to the “Young Chefs & Young Sommeliers of the Nation 2017” competitions as well as the upcoming Grand Chapitre at the Cook Islands “Salon Culinaire” from April 9-12.

As part of his presentation of the Chaîne, Bailli Délégué Phillip Nordt described it as a simple philosophy that links people around the world with a passion for food and a desire to educate young chefs. He proudly confirmed that the Cook Islands, inaugurated in 2015, to date is the only Pacific island chapter.

There is a surprisingly large and diverse range of eating places in Rarotonga, despite the island being a mere 35km round trip by road and with a population of just 10,000.

As in most of the Pacific, there is an abundance of tropical fruit and vegetables. Fishermen provide tuna, broadbill, parrot fish, marlin and mahi mahi. Octopus (eke) is another local treat.

To complement the local and seasonal ingredients, there is extra virgin coconut oil with chilli and lime-infused options.

It is clearly an exciting time for this Pacific destination as the culinary experience matures.

With acknowledgement to Elizabeth Latham and Cuisine Magazine for some of the content used in this article

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