Luxembourg Chapitre

Bailliage Luxembourg
Luxembourg City (Kirchberg), November 25, 2017

Wonderful event at the Sofitel Luxembourg Europe Hotel

The Bailliage of Luxembourg was founded nearly 50 years ago. Its new National Council recently organised a Chapitre at the Sofitel Luxembourg Europe Hotel situated in the midst of the European institutions in Kirchberg.

The Bailli Délégué Francis Sandt welcomed guests of honour, representatives from the neighbouring German bailliage, Ulli Schroeder and Herbert Eberhard. Daniel Jäggi, Bailli Délégué of Liechtenstein and a member of the Conseil Magistral, had been delegated by President Yam Atallah to act as Inducting Officer. 40 members were inducted or promoted.

The following appointments are worthy of note, including the title of Member Honoraire of the Conseil Magistral granted to Roger Linster, Bailli Délégué Honoraire of Luxembourg. Mr Antognoli and Mr R. Linster were appointed Grand Commandeur (40 years), Mr Stoffel, Mr Backes, Mr Cl. Linster, Mr de Castro, Mr Herber and Mr Francis Sandt were named Officier Commandeur (30 years) and Mrs Backes-Wiget and Mr Anen were given the title of Commandeur (20 years). The ceremony ended with a drinks reception. The sparkling wine we enjoyed was provided by the domain Caves Bernard-Massard, owned by Mr Clasen, Pair de la Chaîne.

Following this solemn occasion, a five-course Gala Dinner was served. Created by Yann Castano, recently named Luxembourg’s chef of the year by Gault & Millau, the wonderful menu included lobster salad, citrus-infused artichokes, Bronte pistachios and aromatic microgreens, followed by pan-fried foie gras with grapes, Gewurztraminer syrup and celery espuma.

A lemon Sgroppino sorbet concluded the “starter” courses. The main course was slow-cooked chicken involtini, caramelised leeks and radish pickle. This culinary masterpiece culminated in a Mont Blanc dessert served with tea, coffee and petits fours.

The evening was organised by Cobo Calvo, Sofitel’s Food and Beverage Manager and one of the Chaîne’s Maîtres Restaurateurs. At the end of this magnificent event, Bailli Délégué Francis Sandt presented the kitchen and service brigades with a small gift to thank them for their fantastic work. The Chapitre’s Gala Dinner ended in the early hours of the morning, to the rhythm of music played by the Blue Stars orchestra.

Some of the money raised from the evening was donated to the Chaîne's ACCR Foundation.

Francis Sandt
Bailli Délégué

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