Guadeloupe - Miguel Jean-Noël

Bailliage of Guadeloupe
Maître Rôtisseur

Talented chef and accomplished entrepreneur
" La Rhumerie du Pirate is known for dishes infused with passion that are original and sophisticated "

At over six feet tall, Miguel Jean-Noël looks more like a top athlete than a chef, but his fish and shellfish specialities at his restaurant, La Rhumerie du Pirate on the road to Pointe des Châteaux in Guadeloupe, leave little room for doubt that he is, in fact, a talented chef and accomplished entrepreneur.

It is incontestable that the magical location of this restaurant plays a part in its success and popularity. With a stunning setting overlooking the coastline, the restaurant boasts a wonderful panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean. The decor reflects the restaurant’s theme while the menu is filled with the evocative names of nearby islands, inviting guests on a journey of discovery.

Miguel Jean-Noël wanted to be a chef from a very young age. He studied hard and represented the West Indies with Francis Lefaux, Chargé de Missions of the Bailliage of Guadeloupe and Montebello Rum, at major international events.

On his return to Guadeloupe he worked at the family restaurant and in 2011 it was his idea to build a new restaurant on nearby land owned by his father: La Rhumerie du Pirate was born.

A rigorous and demanding chef, Miguel believes the satisfaction of his customers is of paramount importance. His father was a fisherman and with his modern interpretation of cooking methods he has no fear of breaking traditional culinary rules by combining surf and turf.

La Rhumerie du Pirate is known for dishes infused with passion that are original and sophisticated, combining modernity and tradition.

Miguel celebrates local ingredients and seasonality and has a particular fondness for fish and shellfish flavoured with subtle Caribbean spices.

Taking centre stage is his wonderful collection of more than 200 rums from all around the West Indies, with a focus on cane juice rum from the Guadeloupe archipelago.

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