Spain Dinner

Bailliage of Spain
Madrid, March 15, 2019

At the emblematic El Neru Restaurant

The “espicha” festival - a gathering at which cider is drunk - is a celebration deeply rooted in the Asturias.

“Espicha” really refers to a peg that is put into a small hole in a cider barrel which serves to verify the state of fermentation. The process traditionally ends in a party to taste the cider thus becoming an informal way to share some good moments with family, friends or colleagues while tasting typical Asturian products washed down with an excellent natural drink.

The place chosen for the Bailliage’s review of Asturian cuisine was El Neru Restaurant. Owned by Maître Rôtisseur Fernando Caso Rodríguez and his family it is located in the very centre of Madrid, quite close to the Plaza Mayor. Since opening in 1974 El Neru has become one of the most awarded in the capital.


Assortment of Asturian cheeses
La Collada, Cabrales, Gamoneu, Casín, Vidiago
Smoked Pría, Aguega'l Pitu Roxu

Scorpion fish pie

Cod pie with raisins
emblazoned with the Chaîne name and emblem

Fried black-bellied pixin (anglerfish)

Classic corn cake topped with pork and egg

Galician octopus with emberzao (1 - see text below)

Cachopo (2 - see text below)
of quality-certified veal

Selection of homemade desserts
El Ñeru’s famed rice pudding

Frisuelos (Asturian crepes)

Tocinillo de cielo (a flan-like dessert)

Thin slices of white chocolate
decorated with the Chaîne coat of arms
Shots of Asturian liquors
Cortina ice cider


Cortina cider
Rueda Camino la Fara - Bodega Gótica
Barón de Ley Rioja Reserva 2013

For the benefit of our international readers …

(1) “Emberzao” is a typical black pudding from the east of Asturias hard to find in Madrid.

(2) “Cachopo” is a dish most characteristic of Asturian cuisine. It consists of veal fillets with ham and cheese. The dish is eaten fried and hot after being breaded in eggs and breadcrumbs, and it is usually served garnished with potatoes, peppers, or mushrooms.

At the end of the fabulous dinner, diplomas of commendation were presented to Vanesa Caso (Head Chef) and Fernando Sánchez (Head Waiter), who with their attention to detail made our evening perfect. Thanks friends!

Vive la Chaîne!

César González
Chargé de Missions

Photos of the members and guests courtesy of Mónica Sanz
Food photography courtesy of César González

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