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Bailliage of Poland
Wieliczka (near Kraków), January 18, 2020

130 meters underground
" It was indeed a night to remember "

In the gorgeous Wieliczka Salt Mine near Kraków, 130 meters under the ground, the Bailliage held its Gala Induction evening in a ceremonial and joyful atmosphere.

The event reunited 50 members and guests from as far afield as the USA (North and South Carolina), Québec (Canada) and the Principality of Monaco. International Vice-President Marie Jones came especially from England to induct the new Bailli-Délégué for Poland, Michel Marbot, as well as 15 members, including National Officers:
- Edyta Seweryn, Chancelier
- Iwona Niemczewska, Conseiller Culinaire
- Pawel Gąsiorek, Échanson.

Iwona handed the sword to each inductee and Maciej Witucki the ribbons. Marie Jones delighted everybody with her grace and dignity. She was supported by the experience and assistance of Philippe Poullain, Chargé de Missions from the Bailliage of the Principality Monaco and Richard Morin from Québec who oversaw the signing of the register.

After the Induction Ceremony amuse-bouches and Champagne Philipponnat Royale Réserve Brut were served.

Michel is a disciple of Luigi Veronelli, the famous Italian gastronome. The official part of the evening was followed by a six-course dinner organized by Pawel Gąsiorek. His Chef de Cuisine at Dwór Sieraków, Janusz Fic, presented an excellent menu based exclusively on Polish products. Furthermore, all the wines were from Polish vineyards.


Caviar | blinis | créme fraiche
Winnica Król Chardonnay 2018 - Sandomierz

Pheasant | black truffle | cauliflower
Winnica Król Pinot Noir Rosé 2018 - Sandomierz

Sturgeon | sepia ravioli
Winnica Turnau Riesling 2018 - Baniewice

Lime and celery sorbet

Boar | wild mushrooms
Winnica Turnau Pinot Noir 2017 - Baniewice

Pistachio baklava | rosehip ice cream

Coffee Columbia Barrique
Cognac ABK 6 XO ‘Renaissance’

Following dessert a Polonaise started the dancing which would have lasted till the early hours had the salt mine authorities not announced that due to maintenance after 1am there would be no lift service up to ground level.

It was indeed a night to remember 130 meters underground!

Michel Marbot
Bailli Délégué

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