Kuwait - Otto Kurzendorfer

Bailliage of Kuwait
Salmiya, May 12, 2020

Officier Maître Hôtelier
" Career spanning three decades and three continents "

Officier Maître Hôtelier Otto Kurzendorfer is the General Manager of The Regency Kuwait. He joined the hotel in the summer of 2018 after a well-established career in hospitality management and operation, spanning three decades and three continents.

Otto’s first international posting was London in 1992 as a Demi Chef in The Savoy’s main kitchen. Since then he has worked with global hotel giants, such as Kempinski, IHG and Starwood taking him to Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Syria, China, Taiwan, Bahamas and Qatar. In 2007 Otto was appointed to his first General Manager role in Shanghai. After six years in China, he returned to Dubai with JA Resorts & Hotels as General Manager of its flagship resort complex including JA Palm Tree Court and JA Jebel Ali Beach Hotel.

Otto described as his lifelong dream to lead a team in a hotel offering ultimate luxury, European flair in an Arabesque setting. The five-star Regency is undoubtedly the crown jewel of Kuwaiti hospitality and matches Otto’s dream to perfection.

Independently-owned by the Abdul Razzak Al Sane family, The Regency, reminiscent of a neo-classical palace, is operated by an internationally-renowned management team, The hotel has been aiming to promote the region’s wholesome history and local traditions for over four decades. Committed to delivering remarkable hospitality with flawless service, all the while engaging with guests, ensures a memorable stay leaving a lasting impression.

The Regency offers the very best of Arabian hospitality on the shores of the Arabian Gulf within easy reach of Kuwait International Airport and Kuwait’s prime business, shopping and entertainment destinations. Having established itself as an iconic social landmark the hotel showcases and hosts the most magnificent gatherings. Its private beach features customised swimming pools with a “Ladies’ Lounge”, a unique sanctuary reserved exclusively for women with a beach area and a swimming pool overlooking the Arabian Gulf.

Highlights of Otto’s membership of and affiliation with the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs are:

- introduced by long-time Chaîne Germany member Wilhelm Wörner describing his fantastic travels and dining experiences with the Chaîne in Hong Kong, Singapore, France when my parents and I visited his famous brewery & restaurant “Landwehrbräu” for dinner

- 1998 Inducted in Saudi Arabia

- 2000 temporarily attached to Bailliage of Munich, Germany

- 2004 re-joined in Dubai

- 2013 joined again in Dubai

- in between Otto worked in countries or areas with no Chaîne Bailliage

- organised many Chaîne events over past 20 years in four Bailliages

- in UAE won the Bailliage’s Annual “Fouad Barahim Award for Excellency” in 2013, 2014 and 2016 with three different restaurants.

Spanning three decades and three continents - what a career indeed!

Marie Jones
Managing Editor

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