Italy Grand Chapitre

Bailliage Italy
Merano, September 2-5, 2021

5 reasons for an exceptional success
" an exceptional success "

The 53rd Grand Chapitre of Italy, held in Merano (Bolzano) from September 2nd - 5th, was an exceptional success.

There are five main reasons for this result.

The first. The beauty of the places where Merano is located, a spa town known and appreciated all over the world. It is a source of pride that Sissi, Empress of Austria, was among its visitors.

The second. The perfect organization of the event, personally planned by Roberto Zanghi, Bailli Délégué of Italy, supported by the expertise of the Clementson Travel Office and flanked by the Bailliage of Bolzano led by Sabina Kompatscher.

The third. The health safety of the participants, at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic was strongly felt, was guaranteed by exemplary safety measures. More than a month later, no contagion has occurred among the hundreds of participants.

The Fourth. The changing of the guard. At the height of his success as Bailli Délégué, Roberto Zanghi passed the reins to the young Enrico Spalazzi: he will therefore be the one to lead the Bailliage of Italy from next year. His mandate will be to renovate and rejuvenate the facility. For Roberto: standing ovation. For Enrico: best wishes!

The fifth. Certainly, the most rewarding part was the food and wine. The Province of Bolzano / Alto Adige-Südtirol is particularly attentive to the world of catering - both with traditional and international cuisine as well as extraordinary wine products. An example for all: the Gala Dinner represented the highest point, a perfect synthesis of the entire Grand Chapitre programme. Very high-quality food and wines were served. Those who conceptualised and created all of this deserve unanimous appreciation and thanks.

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