Slovenia Dinner

Bailliage of Slovenia
Dvorec Zemono (Vipava), October 21, 2022

At the crossroads of Mediterranean and Alpine flavours
" Chef Tomaž proved that he really is a master when it comes to preparing meat dishes »

This is the 13th time we have gathered at Zemono Manor.

Officier Maître Restaurateur Tomaž Kavčič warmly welcomed us with a glass of excellent Zemona Rosé sparkling wine. This went perfectly with warm homemade bread, which we dipped into freshly produced olive oil which had flowed that very day from the press of a local grower.

According to Tomaž Kavčič the ingredients are the most important element in any dish. The search, their knowledge and careful preparation all enable the original flavours to remain unchanged in all their beauty and harmony. His motto is “to strive to make today's innovation a tradition”.


Three types of homemade bread
horseradish spread

“Tribute to olives”
cream from Belica sprinkled with dehydrated olives
sponge with cuttlefish ink
dumpling filled with plum

Vipava trout with basil
crispy seasonal vegetables

Goose pâté with apricot
raspberry and blueberry

Venison ragout and fresh Istrian black truffle

Boneless leg of lamb
paprika, young cheese, purple potato lace
red onion soup in a cup

Tomaž's traditional gin and tonic on a spoon
juniper aromas

Ice cream and polenta
reduction of Barbera and wild fruits
cinnamon, cloves

With the two meat courses, Chef Tomaž proved that he really is a master when it comes to preparing meat dishes. The venison ragout was sublime. The Istrian black truffle added to the already rich taste. The leg of lamb simply melted in the mouth.

Tomaž and his team once again proved that he is a master among masters. He remains loyal to local tradition and local ingredients, which he elevates to the pinnacle with his creativity, aromas and texture.

Prepared from a detailed report written in Slovenian by Chancelier Boštjan Horjak

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