Australia Dinner

Bailliage of Western Australia, Australia
Nedlands (Perth), February 9, 2023

French dinner at Chez Pierre
" The dinner was designed and prepared by visiting Chef Benjamin le Moal from Paris "

The new culinary year of our Bailliage had an excellent start with a superb dinner at Chez Pierre. This upscale restaurant specialising in French provincial cuisine is owned by Chef Pierre Ichallalene.

The dinner was designed and prepared by visiting Chef Benjamin le Moal from Paris. Chef Pierre kindly offered his kitchen and staff to assist. The results were spectacular.

The menu was initially planned in Paris. However, Chef Benjamin changed both style and ingredients to suit Perth's rather hot climatic conditions. He succeeded. The acclamations of our members proved it.

Our five courses were matched by French and local wines with the help of Chef Pierre, who opened his cellar for this occasion. His staff provided an excellent service when delivering and explaining each course and the accompanying wines. All round it was a memorable experience.

Congratulations went to Chef Benjamin for his ability to adapt to local food, climate, and an unfamiliar kitchen.

Special thanks must go to our Bailli Thurston Saulsman and Vice-Chancelier Sande Saulsman. Both had met Benjamin previously and were impressed with his skills. Hearing he would be holidaying in Bali they persuaded him to come to Perth to prepare this special dinner for all of us.

A fantastic effort considering the brief time in which to organise the event.

Vive la Chaîne!

Folker Krueger
Conseiller Gastronomique Honoraire

Dubai, April 20, 2024

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