Kuwait Dinner

Bailliage of Kuwait
Kuwait City, May 13, 2023

Belgian culinary experience
" a magnificent voyage through which to enjoy an evening of Belgium’s culinary creations »

Bailliage members and their guests were received at the residence of His Excellency the Ambassador for Belgium, Chevalier d’Honneur Marc Trenteseau and his wife Anna.

At the reception in the garden, we found beautiful replicas of famous monuments, which engaged us later in an interesting quiz about Belgium’s’ historical sites, food and refined praline.

The Belgian culinary experience took us from the coast to Brabant - the hilly centre of Belgium - onto Flanders - the lowlands - and our destination Liege in the Ardennes.


Tomate crevette
Fresh tomato tartare
poached prawn, mayonnaise
(the Belgian Coastline)

Witloof Met Hesp
Endive gratin
turkey ham, black truffle
Golden Croutons
(Brabant - the hilly centre)

Flemish Waterzooi
Creamy seabass stew with mussels
asparagus, leek, baby carrot
(Flanders -the lowlands)

Belgium meatballs with straw potato fries
(Liège - the Ardennes)

Rice tart served with Speculoos ice cream
(throughout Belgium!)

Belgian chocolate selection

That the menu should include fries was perfect given that they are a declared cultural heritage of Belgium with its annual production of 4 million tons of potatoes, being the fifth top producer in the European Union.

Ending with Rijsttaart, a rice tart, was a hoped-for delight as it’s another prominent Belgian speciality. Pralines and chocolate made us leave with a lip-smacking sweet taste.

The Four Seasons Hotel’s kitchen brigade led by Executive Chef Maître Rôtisseur Thierry Papillier gave us a magnificent voyage through which to enjoy an evening of Belgium’s culinary creations.

Vive la Chaîne!

Soumaya El-Azem
Chargée de Missions

Dubai, April 20, 2024

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