Finland Chapitre

Bailliage of Oulu, Finland
Oulu, October 24, 2023

Small Induction Ceremony / large Gala Dinner
" Both the wines and their pairings were excellent "

Greetings from an already freezing Oulu in North Finland.

The Chapitre, at which I was Inducting Officer, was held at the independent Hotel Lasaretti, a Chaîne Professional member establishment. The Bailliage used the same concept as 18 months ago: small, friendly Induction Ceremony, well organized large Gala Dinner. The evening concluded with a big band which entertained us way into the night. What is exceptionally nice, is that this event was open to everyone not just Chaîne members. An excellent way to publicise the Chaîne and attract new members.

At the Induction Ceremony, nearly 20 members received their ribbons in the traditional, festive way. In his welcome speech Bailli Kari Liukkunen explained our Chaîne ways and traditions to the non-members to make them more comfortable.

The Gala Dinner was attended by 130 people. Such a pleasure to see many familiar faces from Oulu business circles who are not yet Chaîne members. We sat at beautiful round tables. Both the wines and their pairings were excellent. As is often the case, the starters were the best part of the menu. An absolute delight.

These small Chapitres play an important role in Finland providing an opportunity for professionals to come and receive their ribbons at a one-day event. Although our Grand Chapitres at the end of the summer are wonderful, for many professionals it is very difficult to take a whole weekend off from work.

I think it is also worthwhile mentioning, that word Lasaretti means “hospital” in Finnish. The hotel building used to be a military hospital for a long time. Now the building has a second life as a hotel which I think that is most suitable for a hospital.

The feeling at the end of the evening was relaxed, happy and noisy too with excited, engaged conversations.

Tomi Lantto
Conseiller Gastronomique
Member of the Conseil Magistral

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