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Bailliage of South Africa
Cape Town, January 12, 2024

An insider's view
" a Chargée de Missions member of the National Board with the role of 'Head of Youth' "

A family that loves food; expert baker Grandmother; mother who entertained extensively … it’s no surprise that Ashlynne’s artistic talent would be showcased in that most popular art form - food.

Inspired to create food her family would love it was that undeniable mark on the culinary industry Ashlynne sought. Her first priority was to fully use her exceptional talents and create the most inspired culinary master pieces.

Extremely passionate about the food industry Ashlynne focuses on the farm-to-table movement, sustainability and seasonality. She feels strongly about upliftment projects for young people in the food industry having experienced sacrifices needed to succeed. Ashlynne believes support for young chefs is imperative for South Africa’s growth and culinary success on the world stage.

Ashlynne’s career progression: highlights and accomplishments:

- Fashion Design bachelor’s degree.
- Raised the bar at a 5-star luxury Country Hotel in Mpumalanga, South Africa.
- Silwood Culinary School Diploma helped refine incredible culinary skills.
- Inspired Highgrove House’s Executive Chef to become a high-level influencer for Highgrove House’s young sous chefs.
- Hosted CTIA (Chefs Training & Innovation Academy) students for cooking experiences in Highgrove House kitchen.
- Promotes macadamia nuts worldwide working closely with SAMAC South Africa.
- Organises informative student visits to macadamia farms.

In the Chaîne, Ashlynne joined as a Chef Rôtisseur in October 2021 and was promoted to Maître Rôtisseur in September 2022. A year later she was promoted again, this time to be a Chargée de Missions member of the National Board with the role of “Head of Youth”. Duties include organising and judging competitions for young chefs, upliftment projects to help young chefs succeed in highly competitive international food industry.

In 2012, South Africa gazetted ‘chef’ as a registered profession. To achieve the “Chef” trade certificate is a rigorous process which Ashlynne’s determination and drive meant true to form she sailed through. She’s delighted to display her Chef Trade Certification. All of which was achieved whilst managing Cape Allure (her Cape Town bed and breakfast) and caring for her twins!

What’s next you may well ask! Her sights are set on a different aspect of the hospitality and culinary industry. As a partner with Fuel Gas Installations, she joins her father and brother in the family business.

When not in the kitchen hosting private dinner parties for senior executives, offering Thermomix demonstrations in the Fuel Gas Test Kitchen, cooking, teaching or uplifting, Ashlynne enjoys spending time with her beloved husband Brent and her two-year-old twins, Maison and Madison.

This talented chef has yet to reach the peak of her incredible gastronomical universe.

Watch this space!

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