French Guiana World Chaîne Day

Bailliage of French Guiana
Kourou, April 23, 2023

A taste of awara broth
" Friendship and gastronomy combine to create real joie de vivre "

The traditional “awara broth” was a perfectly fitting part of French Guiana’s World Chaîne Day.

Awara broth (“bouyon wara” in Guianese creole) is a traditional creole dish made with a variety of ingredients mixed with the pulp of the fruit of the awara tree, which is slowly reduced beforehand in a pot.

It’s a dish which takes a long time to prepare, sometimes up to thirty-six hours. Once it’s ready, the colour of the awara broth is somewhere between orange and light brown. It is usually served with white rice.

There’s a proverb that says: “If you taste the broth of awara, you'll come back to Guiana.”

Legend has it that a Guianese Creole princess fell in love with a white man. Her family disapproved, so she offered to make a dish that would be filled with “all of Guiana”. If the boy liked the dish, the two lovers could be together. The family agreed, the boy loved the dish and they got married.

Our dish was a real “mayouri” as they say (a creole word meaning “group effort”). It was the perfect opportunity to remind us all of the values of excellence and camaraderie upheld by the Bailliage of French Guiana, as well as its energy and vitality.

The menu lived up to all of its promises, both in terms of “terroir” and of diversity. Our Bailli Délégué concocted a real culinary adventure for us, thereby highlighting that gastronomic quality is guaranteed by sensory experiences alone.

“Friendship and gastronomy combine to create real joie de vivre.”

Vive la Chaîne!

Laurence Vérisson
Chargée de Presse

Cuneo, April 23, 2023

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